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Plan is about the past …

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My two cents in the morning

Before to spend a lot of time on plans and process it’s business critical to stay open and creative, catching the opportunities, testing them. If you fail, try again. If you success, then only, to get an efficient scale up, plan, define process, in staying agile. And finally, drive the opportunity, collect insight, and be always ready for the next pivot.

Any minutes to make plans and process before the opportunity evaluation/validation done, is a waste of time because it’s not invested to create the future but it is to work on the past.

Nobody knows the future, planning is inaccurate before to invest on the next opportunity and before to get a business model ready for the next pivot.

In other words if your partner has a roadmap for the next two years, avoid him. But if he is strong on his foundation with some clear values, take a seat with him, you should be able to make big things together. Future is yours.

Today, business model has taken the lead on business plan …

Necessary caricature, with modesty, my two cents in the morning


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