New Patterns and Practices for Commerce and Marketing

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De la vente de produits à l’achat de services …

Nous basculons progressivement pour des raisons que je n’explorerai pas dans ce post d’une société où l’on achète des produits à une société où on consomme des services, une société où l’on s’engage avec une marque. L’ensemble des marchés sont concernés de l’automobile au textile, de l’informatique aux produits de grande consommation. Le plus gros challenge, est alors, Lire la suite

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Why we need to imagine new patterns and practices for commerce and marketing

The presence of the software in our society goes on accelerating. Impacts on society are major, for brands and consumers. The consumer is better informed, it has more power, it is connected and wants to be recognized and is ready to engage in topics, brands, or themes, that interest him. In addition, if the world today is flat because potentially everyone join everyone, it becomes more and more fragmented. It’s fragmented by technologies, but especially by the uses and expectations of consumers. Today, we are all different and want to be recognized as such.
The brands are facing organizations and a culture of the industrial era, where we consider the consumer as an element of a segment after multiple studies to try to guess him… While gradually it wants to be perfectly identified either perfectly anonymous, result of a deliberate and reasoned in a commitment brand chosen. Marketing makes no longer the customer, but should help him personally to grow through it.
The brands must also play with abnormalities of beginning of cycle of the digital era. We do that to the beginnings of the digital society. Also, as is often the case, the boot is done thanks abnormalities that likely fade with time. It is important to identify them to not to lose and to anticipate future opportunities.